A cohesive brand brings all sales and marketing efforts together making them precise and effective. For most design agencies the branding process starts with logo design, at Autograph we understand that an identity is not just a logo - it is the personality of the brand, its individual identity defined by customer’s the perception of its values. It is our job to define what the consumers experience when they come into contact the brand; its touch-points.

Building your brand is not something that should be trusted to separate trades, for instance; a website built by a programmer, or a business card designed by a printer - may be technically fine but will be ineffective at communicating the brand’s essence. So, it isn’t just about the 'nuts and bolts' of getting the job done quickly, all touch-points must contain the brand’s unique DNA, there needs to be strong direction to ensure brand is communicated effectively; you come to us for our expertise.

We are happy to work on individual one-off projects for existing brands, creating new collateral, such as: websites, packaging, stationery, annual reports, brochures, exhibition stands etc. Autograph will interpret the brand strengths and insure that the new materials form a united front once complete and alongside any existing brand merchandising. To us each job is viewed within the greater whole of the client’s brand.

For new-to-market brands Autograph work with the company to outline the brand values, we then distil the values into an icon, keeping it simple and memorable while avoiding clichés! - Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful. We then integrate the new branding across all collateral throughout the organisation.

Autograph are experts in the delicate process of steering perception of a brand in a desired direction, of changing the consumer’s impression of the company/product/service. As Don Draper often said; “If you don’t like what people are saying, then change the conversation”.

The branding process
You can see that our process is front loaded, the ‘Discovery’ phase (research and reference) is the longest. Then follows the busy ‘Design’ phase - where the message is distilled into a defined image. Then the ‘Develop’ and ‘Deliver’ phases are relatively quick - however many agencies focus on these phases or even just ‘Develop’ leaving the client to do the rest. At Autograph we take a strategic view of the overall project and lead the client through the process. The process outline is basically the same for a small project (such as designing a brochure) or a large project (such as rebranding a multinational organisation).
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